Sensor Network
Key to our proposal is a new way of seeing the Arctic landscape. Scale an the Arctic can be difficult to grasp from a traditional photograph, ranging from the vastness of the terrain in the far background to incredible delicate detail in the foreground, with very little middle ground for the eye to fix upon.

Utilizing a network of multi-band sensors called the FlyEye system, the Arctic Drifter is able to collect ultra-high-resolution spherical projections by stitching together smaller images in real time. Because the system is working with the combined resolution of all the sensors, the individual devices need not be of the highest resolution, increasing reliability and allowing additional sensors to cover the UV and the IR spectrum.

The images from the sensor network can be immediately projected on the interior surface of the sphere, allowing the crew the experience of being immersed in all weather conditions, with the additional augmentation of the non-visual light spectra. We believe that this system would allow the crew to capture a richer experience of the Arctic than ever before.(more)